Get a Virtual Box

A Virtual Postal Address is an Electronic Postal Address that allows you to access your mails 24/7 from the convenience of your smartphone and any other electronic device. Once new mails or item arrives at your preferred Post Office, you will receive instant notifications and or monitor your mail transactions using your phone or your account once items/mails come to your box. You can then choose to ask Post Office to deliver your item or you can pick it at any time of your convenience. Get yourself a Virtual Postal Address and use it to shop online anywhere in the world and have your items delivered it to you wherever you are.


Get a Physical Box

A Physical Box Address is a Postal Address where you are given a key for your box. This Postal Address is also linked to your phone, email and your account online. This allows you to receive instant notifications and monitor your box transactions using your online account once items/mails come to your box. You can request for delivery and or Item pick.


Delivery Services

Have your mail delivered at your door step or any other place of your choice once it arrives at your desired post office.

Below are our Affordable Delivery Charges.

(Small) Less Than 5KGS

  • Up to 4Km - UGX 5,000
  • Up to 6Kms- UGX 7,000
  • Up to 8Kms- UGX 9,000
  • Up to 10Km- UGX 11,000
  • Up to 12Km- UGX 13,000
  • Up to 14Km- UGX 15,000

(Medium)Less Than 10KGS

  • Up to 4Km - UGX 6,000
  • Up to 6Kms- UGX 8,000
  • Up to 8Kms- UGX 10,000
  • Up to 10Km- UGX 12,000
  • Up to 12Km- UGX 14,000
  • Up to 14Km- UGX 16,000

(Large)Less Than 30KGS

  • Up to 4Km - UGX 7,000
  • Up to 6Kms- UGX 9,000
  • Up to 8Kms- UGX 11,000
  • Up to 10Km- UGX 13,000
  • Up to 12Km- UGX 15,000
  • Up to 14Km- UGX 17,000

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Trace Your Item

Using a tracking number sent to the contact you provided, determine the current and past locations (and other information) of your mail in real time.

Don't miss any of your mail or leave it lying around the post office! Have a parcel that's on transit? Click Here to track it.

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