Online Delivery Services

Online Delivery For Parcels, Packets, Registered Items and Ordinary Mails to You at Very Affordable Rates.

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Delivery Around Kampala

Delivery price around Kampala starts from UGX 5,000/=. Simply make an order and we shall immediately deliver to wherever you are. Click Here

Home Delivery

We Deliver mails and parcels to family, friends and relatives in the shortest possible time at your convenience. Click Here

Commercial Delivery

We offer bulk deliveries and single delivery of goods to customers or organizations. You can now send/receive important documents. Click Here

Our AffordableDelivery Charges

(Small) Less Than 5KGS

  • Up to 4Km - (UGX 5,000)
  • Up to 6Kms- (UGX 7,000)
  • Up to 8Kms- (UGX 9,000)
  • Up to 10Km- (UGX 11,000)
  • Up to 12Kms- (UGX 13,000)
  • Up to 14Kms- (UGX 15,000)

(Medium)Less Than 10KGS

  • Up to 4Km - (UGX 6,000)
  • Up to 6Kms- (UGX 8,000)
  • Up to 8Kms- (UGX 10,000)
  • Up to 10Km- (UGX 12,000)
  • Up to 12Kms- (UGX 14,000)
  • Up to 14Kms- (UGX 16,000)

(Large)Less Than 30KGS

  • Up to 4Km - (UGX 7,000)
  • Up to 6Kms- (UGX 9,000)
  • Up to 8Kms- (UGX 11,000)
  • Up to 10Km- (UGX 13,000)
  • Up to 12Kms- (UGX 15,000)
  • Up to 14Kms- (UGX 17,000)