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ePosta is a Posta Uganda platform that allows you to enjoy all Postal services online. You can now create an account and monitor all your mail transactions as they happen on your phone or any electronic device. Once you have a Virtual Postal Address or Physical Postal Address, you will no longer need to go and check your box for items. You will receive instant notifications whenever you receive an item/mail, track and trace your items and mails in real time.

“MY ADDRESS MY IDENTITY”. ePosta is an address for everyone initiative intended to enable anyone get an address. No more sharing of addresses, No more using your employer’s address. You can now permanently get your own a Postal address. It is affordable, secure and convenient.

With your own Postal Address, you will now be able to purchase anything in the world and have it delivered to you. ePosta will give small and large businesses access to local and international markets. Local businesses will now be able to sell their products through Post Office. This is the future of any business and will form the core of all new jobs in Africa.

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