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Welcome to ePosta, Postal Corporation of Uganda's end-to-end online Service. Here you will enjoy all Postal Services Online.

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Own a Virtual Postal Box Address

Own a Physical Postal Box Address

Free notifications whenever you receive an item/mail.

Door to door Delivery of Letters/Parcels

Real time tracking of Letters & Parcels

eCommerce: Online Purchasing of Stamps & Posta Products

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What ePosta Offers


ePosta gives you ownership over your mails, items or parcels. No more sharing box addresses.


Once you receive items/parcels/mail at your Preferred Post Office, you get an SMS notification directly onto your phone. No need to always check your mailbox to see whether you received any items.


A Postal Address is very affordable. This is paid annually (Subscription is done annually). Once you get your address, you start receiving notifications for all your items.

Mail Delivery

With ePosta, once you receive mail, you can either choose whether to pick your package yourself or order for delivery to your current location.

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